Q3 2019 NPS Departmental Survey Results

Our 2019 third quarterly NPS Survey results are in. Many departments have established long-term goals in insuring that they create sustainable processes ready to meet the needs of our growing company and their colleagues.  Over the last 3 quarters that we conducted the survey, we clearly see:

  • Consistent increases in all departments’ performance.  The overall score increased from 4.06 to 4.13 (on the scale from 1 to 5).  This shows the commitment that we all have to better understand each other’s needs.
  • Communication and ways to enhance it have been identified as the areas requiring regular attention from all of us. Thus, it is great to see that the two questions regarding each department’s accessibility show improved scores and they are each over a 4.0 rating! 


To view our Q3 NPS Survey results, click here.